Remember when your dad stood waste deep in the water and coaxed you to jump into his arms from the side of the pool?  A bit scary at first, but boy was it fun once you did it!  So what’s stopping you now?  You know you want to jump into the digital pool but it still might be a little unnerving for you.  Maybe you feel a bit of budget anxiety over getting wet with online communications.

Well fear not! According to an expert panel at the most recent DMA Atlanta luncheon, led by Jamie Turner, author, speaker and CEO of 60 Second Communications, the water couldn’t be nicer. Just ask:

  • Sally Goldberg Mundell, Director, Direct to Consumer – Spanx
  • Paige Cannon Fuller, Former VP, Marketing – Alternative Apparel
  • Toby Bloomberg, Director, Social Media Integration – Cox Media Group
  • Matt Dooley, Director, Digital Marketing – Turner Broadcasting
  • Greg Fasking, VP, Consumer Markeitng, Infinity Insurance

They all agree that social media and digital marketing are making a big splash across virtually every industry vertical in today’s market (and particularly with Millennials, approx. 18-34 yr. olds) and will only grow in driving influence and buying decisions online and in stores for the months and years ahead.  It’s a wave you simply cannotafford to miss.  And YOU know who you are.

Consider these nuggets from the panel:

  • Friends are the primary influencers of buying decisions, not brands
  • 1/3 of all consumers are influenced via social media channels
  • Advertising must be mobile enabled (smartphone and iPad), not just on laptops
  • 91% of women think advertises do not connect with them
  • For Spanx, mobile conversion rates are 30% higher than from laptop purchases
  • Hispanic shoppers are 30% more likely to buy using their iPad
  • Responsive design is a must – technology behind mobile site (“right-sizing” your ad)
  • Retail stores are capturing consumer data by “wifi” tracking
  • And most importantly – manage what you are doing – choose the 3 things you can impact the most and play and test – the first goal is to learn – the revenue will follow!!!

So come on in, the Digital World has its arms extended.  All you have to do is take that first step to learning what a difference it can make while you’re having fun and making money.