Hate to say it…I think we should be paying more!?!

I realize for those that haven’t been dealing with this possibility for many many months, the reality of facing a potential 5.9% postage price increase is devastating.

However, for those that have been dealing with this possibility, the most recent proposed increase is completely expected.  The Board of Governors (BOG) put out a statement indicating the reason for the increase was due to economic conditions and Congress’ lack of reform.  The reality is this; the increase should have been larger!  There I said it…now everyone can start throwing tomatoes at me.

The statement, “the USPS should be allowed to operate as a traditional business” is nonsense.  How many businesses close their doors each year?  The USPS has extracted billions of dollars from their financial statements.  The fact that they’re the only institution that needs to prepay “eons” into the future is certainly a hindrance…but let’s be honest, the decrease in volume has certainly added to their problems.

I truly believe if mailers would have had to take a bigger EXPECTED hit in 2014 to get the USPS back in the black…AND Postal Reform was passed in order to relieve the pre-payments, we all would have woken in the morning.

Direct mail is class of mail that clearly helps the USPS.  It also the most profitable form of solicitation, consistently beating other forms of media for attracting new customers.  The additional one-time cost would have been absorbed somehow and the USPS as well as its 8MM jobs would have moved on.

In my humble opinion, the industry could have dealt with a larger increase, and I think that also would have pushed Congress to act for a larger scale Postal Reform…