Because of the lack of action on Postal Reform by Congress, on September 26, the Board of Governors (BOG) for the USPS filed 2 price increases with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).   One was the regular annual CPI increase of 1.69%.  They also filed an Exigent Price Increase of 4.3% for a total 6.0%. Should Congress act on Postal Reform, the BOG would consider pulling back the Exigent Price Increase.  However, the Senate Bill, by Senators Tom Carper(D-DE) & Tom Coburn(R-OK) had some setbacks recently.  The scheduled mark-up last week was postponed and Senator Jon Tester(MT) told The Hill “I just think without some changes, it’s going to take the Postal Service in the direction the Postmaster General wants – which is the wrong direction.” This is why everyone needs to contact their Congressmen & Congresswomen to let them know that Postal Reform is necessary.  I have not heard anything lately on the House Bill, by Rep. Darrel Issa, which was further along that the Senate Bill and appeared to have a better chance of passing.

Here, again, are some of the pricing changes that are at the PRC.  We should hear back on the CPI increase this, week as the PRC has 45 days to give a decision on the CPI increase – which would be Sunday, Nov 10.  They have 90 days for a decision on the Exigent increase which would be Christmas Day.  The only caveat to these dates is that part of the review period for the PRC came during the 16 days that the government was shut down.  So the worst case in hearing about CPI would be November 26 and January 10 for the Exigent increase.