This article continues from An Omnichannel World – Part 1, published last week.

Customer Experience Consistency

In the coming years, consumers are no longer going to be asking the question “How did they know so much about me?” but instead asking “How is it possible that you DON’T know who I am?” As discussed in An Omnichannel World – Part 1, marketing and IT must join together to create and deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience across interactions.

Omnichannel marketing must be intelligence-driven to be successful, and it must be hungry for more data to refine the intelligence. Social, email and mobile offer the greatest opportunity for customer-created content. The more engaged a consumer is, and the more time they spend with a brand, the greater affinity they have, and the better chance the marketer can actually ASK for data without intrusion. This data filters into an omnichannel approach where the next message will then be more relevant, and an extension of the brand experience.

Big Data’s Role in 2014 and Beyond

Decades ago, marketers had only cluster data for demographic and psychographic insights. Today there are hundreds of individual data attributes available to enrich customer databases. Individual and cluster data have allowed marketers to accurately predict consumer behaviors and purchase habits, We predict that there will be social cluster data to take data mining and analytics to another level.

But the possibilities of more insightful data abounds with the next frontier of addressable display advertising. Smart TVs and gaming consoles are merging numerous media and social functions into one – therefore expect advertising to follow with pinpoint accuracy. Variable broadcast advertising (which may seem like an oxymoron) can be taken into hyperdrive with aggregated social clusters that determine who is most likely interested in a certain commercial advertisement, and then offering a personalized advertising experience with instant redemption, that is much less likely to get “DVRd.”

Marketing + Technology = Omnichannel Success

Marketing and technology will only become more intertwined – interdependent in an organization’s efforts to capture interest, engage, win and serve new customers in an omnichannel world.