Have you visited your LinkedIn page recently?  Notice anything missing?  Well back in mid-December LinkedIn secretly removed your activity updates.  You know that scrolling feed of content you have shared, comments posted and new connections made.  As a person who is a huge fan of social selling (in fact here is a blog I wrote on that very topic) this is a huge loss and significantly diminishes the value of LinkedIn.  And I’m not alone; here is the most recent twitter feed on this exact topic.

LinkedIn reports that as part of their product development process they need to eliminate features so resources can be invested in building new and better products.  Yeah, right.

One of the main values of LinkedIn’s activity update feature is it allowed you to gain insights on an individual.  As a hiring manger, this is critical, as a person who is in sales this is also very valuable.  Now what is the value in viewing someone’s profile if you can’t learn something from them?  One of the greatest aspects of social interactions is learning new things and the best way to do this is through the sharing of content.

I guess until the “new and improved” feature is released we will have to utilize other tools… so much for being a top LinkedIn influencer last year.  Am I the only one who places value in activity updates?  Let me know your thoughts!