In select issues of this January’s issues of Wired Magazine, Motorola is unveiling “the world’s first truly interactive print advertising.” This is more than just a die cut wheel that rotates choices, or a QR code that you can scan for additional content.

The ad changes with your choices and seamlessly lets you customize your phone. It’s simple, effective, crisp and utilizes technology in an unobtrusive way. Could this be the future of magazine and catalog advertising? Without going all Back to the Future 2 on you, take a moment to think about the applications of this type of technology:

  • Automobile design – choose the color and features of your ideal car from a tactile piece
  • Sneakers – a personal favorite Internet spot is the Nike id store, where I can design custom kicks. This could be amplified in your favorite magazine or catalog
  • Clothing retailers – see the “Spring fashions” on a model and mix and match upcoming outfits
  • Home decor or home improvement – Take a peek at what decorations would look like placed in the room (imagine one day where it is YOUR room in the ad… creepy but cool).

These are just a few of the ideas when you combine technology and print. Augmented Reality should be a game-changer this year, especially for catalogers and mailers, QR adoption is still showing increases, and take a look at a QR alternative called “clickable paper” here. There has never been a more exciting time for print, if marketers and advertisiers are willing to embrace the technology that goes alongside it.

What do you think of this foray into “Truly Interactive Print?” Love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.