How will new Load Leveling rules affect your mail?

Although the GPO link below is somewhat confusing (and they usually are), the gist is this.  The USPS decided that their volume just doesn’t warrant the need to deliver the necessary DCSF (Destination Sectional Center Facility) domestically in 3 days any longer.

There are many more specific rules within this decision, but the question is how will this affect you?

  • Are you planning your direct mail campaigns with specific in-home dates?
  • Do your bills and statements expected to be in-home on specific dates?
  • How do you know when these mail pieces are getting in-home now?
  • Are you utilizing tracking technology to give you that visibility?

These are all legitimate questions that need to be answered inside your respective organizations. Once you’ve hashed out if these changes will impact your strategy, reach out to a Mailing Services Provider that can help you implement any changes seamlessly.

Hope that is helpful, and please leave your thoughts and comments in the box below!