In the first part of this series, we discussed the how to best utilize the eStatement from an IT and operations perspective.  In this part of the series we are going to approach this question from the perspective of marketing and retail banking.

Since we already covered ideas for increasing eStatement adoption and ideas for smoothing out the workflow in the first article, now we can shift gears and discuss ideas for using this medium to expand customer relationships and target messaging to specific customers.

Many eStatement solutions give some options for providing marketing messages either on the eStatement landing page or the eStatement itself.  Many times, you are provided an interface to upload and change these messages yourself.  Minimally, you should make sure that you include this as one of the avenues for your marketing messaging.  The question is, can you do more?

This is really where taking marketing experience, adding in a data driven approach, and mixing that together with document and statement production experience comes into play.  Why not use data that exists in your core systems and CRM to create criteria and target your message to each individual?  How about giving your customers a truly custom experience by integrating a Personal URL (PURL) into your solution?  By taking data that already exists in your systems, and using them to create PURLs embedded in your eStatement solution, you can provide your customer a truly unique experience while reaching them with the messaging that they are most likely to find valuable.

The technology is available to truly provide your customers with a personalized experience each time they interact with your institution.  At the same time, you can do them a service by presenting them with the most pertinent products that they may need to consider.  Your customer is happy; your marketing department is happy; everybody wins!