Saturday, March 15

Arrived at the National Postal Forum & took a bus to the Smithsonian Postal Museum where we had an amazing tour & met Mr ZIP (see attached).  I did not know that until mid-1800’s the receiver paid for the postage. Around 1850 it became permanent that the sender paid the postage.
We saw the famous Inverted Jenny stamp, that only 100 left the USPS, with only a handful still with known existence.

Sunday, March 16

In a Focus Group Meeting, Megan Brennan – COO of the USPS discussed the new Standard Mail Load Leveling program, where Monday delivery is so heavy that they want to extend to 3 & 4 days from the SCF.
All 7 AVP’s discussed IMb & Full Service & how they have a greater ability to see issues & solve them much faster within their areas & across areas.

The Mailing Innovations session was all about eInduction & Seamless Acceptance.  eInduction is the fastest way to get mail into the mail-stream & effectively see when the mail is entered into the NDCs/SCFs through the Business

Customer Gateway.
Mail Anywhere is only available to Full Service Mailers that are over 90% full service from the previous calendar month. They also will not have to pay their permit fee as long as they are above 90%.

The USPS will start to invoice mailers in July, 2014 if the mailer goes over the thresholds. It is imperative that mailers watch their Mailer Scorecard in the Business Customer Gateway daily so they don’t have invoice generated.  As long as thresholds are met, no invoice will be generated.

Seamless Acceptance will be turned on to run parallel if mailer is greater than 70% Full Service.  This way you can see your scorecard & solve any issues prior to going live.

Monday, March 17

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Monday started out with the opening General Session led by PMG Pat Donahoe.  Pat discussed how 12% of marketing dollars are spent on mail and how much value mail brings.  Mail brings physical to digital.  Mailers can do more with mail than ever before:

  • More personally relevant
  • Actions are made faster
  • Expand functionality
  • Invest in creativity

In a Denmark study of digital statements vs. mailed statements, it was found that there were more calls to the company for digital statements & ended up costing 43% more than mailed statements.
Catalogues are even evolving – driving people to purchase quicker with QR codes which make purchasing instant.
Jim Cochrane – USPS CIO, discussed 3 new items:

  • Free ACS on residual mail
  • Elimination of Move update assessment
  • Eliminate the Detached Mail Unit

The current advertising will be around the new Spiderman 2 movie with ads & trucks wrapped with Spiderman.
Overall, this year’s National Postal Forum was informative, entertaining and offered a great opportunity to network with other mailers. The vision for the US Postal Service is exciting, and we as mailers are entrusted with making it happen. It’s go time!