A coworker dropped by my desk the other day with an interesting new piece from the US Postal Service. This year’s slew of promotions seemed to revolve pretty heavily around technology, and the USPS seems to be putting their money where their mouth is (Yes, I realize the USPS probably doesn’t REALLY have a mouth, but set aside semantics for now)

Multichannel Strategy
The USPS have aligned themselves with the “Amazing Spider Man” movie series, and have demonstrated this commitment in this mailing, with Spider Man themed elements throughout the piece. Literally the same afternoon as I was passed this mailpiece, I was at the gym, and a commercial for Priority mail featuring Spider Man. So I decided to stop by their Facebook page…

You guessed it, Spider Man. This cohesive multichannel strategy involves a memorable piece of mail, flanked by broadcast and social advertising. Why was the piece memorable?…

Augmented Reality (Emerging Technology Promotion)
One element of the mailpiece was instructions to download the new USPS augmented reality app, and then scan the front of the piece. Spider Man swings across the city, and the user can click a link to details about enhancements to the Priority Mail program. I was impressed with this use of technology, as the USPS has been lauding Augmented Reality for the last couple years, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is inpreparation for the upcoming promotion.

Picture Permit Imprint
Another promotion from late last year was the picture permit imprint promo. The USPS integrates this flawlessly on this piece and demonstrates why it would be a useful tool to reinforce your branding and help your mail stand out just a little bit more.

Although the piece wasn’t personalized, it made great use of color and space and offered first class business return mail (another promotion this year). Overall, the USPS hit a homerun with integrating technology into this piece without feeling forced.