Is Home Delivery From the USPS a Thing of the Past?

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform passed H.R. 4670 this week to begin phasing out door delivery as earlier as 2014. The move from door delivery to centralize or curb delivery was estimated to save the USPS $2 billion annually. The bill passed by strict party votes. H.R. 4670 would be a part of a larger transportation bill that is currently being considered

Here are some interesting facts about The Secure Delivery for America Act:

  • Over $2 billion annually – USPS estimated savings from converting 15 million current door delivery addresses to an even division of Secure Clusterbox and Curbside delivery
  • Cost of walking door to door adds up – The US Postal Service estimates that serving one address with door delivery service costs $380. Curbside delivery costs only $240 and centralized Secure Clusterbox delivery costs only $170 per address. Pretty easy to understand why they want this?
  • Current breakdown of mail delivery methods: curbside (55 million addresses), centralized (40.5 million addresses), and door (37.7 million addresses).
  • Secure Delivery at no cost to postal customers. At $73 per address, the Postal Service would fully recoup the cost of clusterbox purchase and installation after just 5 months, due to the lower delivery costs.
  • Clusterboxes offer Americans access to a safe, locked location for package delivery. As e-commerce continues to grow and Americans use the mail to purchase more items, package theft is a problem. Secure Clusterboxes offer a solution.
  • Not a substitute for comprehensive postal reform, but an interim opportunity to achieve some cost savings outside of embracing a 5-day delivery schedule that both President Obama and OGR Republicans have gone on record supporting, but House Democrats steadfastly oppose.

It is worth reiterating, that this isn’t eliminating postal mailbox delivery, but applies mainly to cities and living complexes where door-to-door delivery isn’t practical with rising costs. What are your thoughts?