A recent Forrester report entitled “Trends 2014: North American Digital Banking” gave an in-depth report on the shifting resources that financial institutions are utilizing as they try to survive and thrive while dealing with burdensome regulations.  Investments in digital banking are increasing as banks learn to deal with and compete for bandwidth on new, emerging, digital devices like smartphones, tablets, ‘phablets’ and wearable technology.  Financial institutions are also looking to reduce expenses as the costs of complying with regulations continue to mount.

As financial institutions push forward into the digital frontier, and they should, where does that leave the traditional banking avenues and communication touch points?  Simple, they are still here!  The question moving forward is not about digital banking replacing traditional banking, rather how do you compliment traditional banking with digital enhancements and have consistent consumer messaging and experience across the organization?  The largest of financial institutions are developing solutions internally, while regional and community players are looking to partners.  Can you communicate with your customers on their level?

Here are some ways to integrate the traditional channels with the newer emerging channels:

  • Responsive website design provides an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device used for access.  Responsive design takes into account the best way to display not just the relevant functions the user needs but also optimizes the way relevant messaging is displayed.
  • Personal and variable messaging across media helps ensure that no matter how a customer chooses to interact with the institution they can still receive personal messaging that is relevant and enhances their relationship with you.
  • Personal URLs (Purls) are personal websites that can be set up for your customers to provide a truly unique experience with your institution.  Purls can be embedded into web applications or simply printed on their monthly statement in a personalized marketing message.

What are some ways you’ve been integrating across channels? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments box below