Tax season is approaching! At least for companies sending out tax statements, it’s time to start thinking about whether you should deal with the “Fear Factor” of doing your statement in house or not. It’s not putting your head in a container of boa constrictors – but it can be scary.

Accuracy – If you are involved in the processing of tax forms, you’ve certainly heard tales that will send shivers down your spine of mixing up records for a tax mailing. One line of your database is off and Joe Smith gets Suzie Simon’s tax statement, and Suzie’s goes to Randy Redlinger. With their Social Security Numbers.  And you’re buying 1200 people Identity Protection software. Now that’s a “FEAR FACTOR.” What if you could just produce these documents from the Federal Reporting File you already know is accurate?  Now that would be better than eating bugs.

Timeliness– Like anything in life, tax statements come with a deadline.  Rather than rushing at the last minute, outsourcing this step can make your life much more convenient, and your statements quickly turned so that you have one less fear to live with.

Forms management- Another major “Fear Factor” is being stuck with a bunch of useless form stock at the end of the year. Playing it safe causes you to overbuy, and more often than not, you are left with a pile of paper that is better left for worm compost (reaching for the Fear Factor reference here). Work with someone who has the yearly forms ready, and can cause you to save time and money.

Reprints– So Isis Meriwether calls in April and needs an urgent reprint so she can get her taxes out of the door on time. Rather than dealing with this fear, and the potential that you don’t have the stock on hand to handle this request, you can use a PDF archival solution with the statement overlay to keep all of your tax mailings as close as the click of the mouse.

Corrections– Yearly, you should expect corrections after the statements go out, and your customers get a chance to review them. Rather than fret the “Fear Factor” of sending out an erroneous statement, combine accuracy with foolproof error correction with an outsourcing partner, so any corrections you come across can be sent out, processed, and sent back via PDF to print locally – in a flash.

So no, tax statement time isn’t equivalent to eating a cup full of bugs, but the Fear Factor of the five items above might be enough reason to consider taking this hassle out of your own hands for this coming tax season.