The rainforests are some of the most majestic and fascinating places on earth. Outside of the dangers of getting mauled by a mandrill, there is a true synergy in how all of the moving parts work together. From the flowers pollinated only by moths with specially evolved apparatuses – to the great apes reliant on the food chain down to the smallest beetle – the rainforest is a hub of interdependency. You should view your marketing as an ecosystem, as well.

What do I mean by an ecosystem?
So imagine your email campaign lived on an island by itself. The content your email feeds on and the CRM system that feeds from the email campaign both are left out of the food chain. A CRM system can’t eat content by itself for breakfast. That would just be silly. Similarly, your direct mail, loyalty programs and social media efforts all work together, not only to feed off the content, but also to help develop a web of awareness around the contents of the CRM system. Now, if all of these islands are off the coast of your rainforest, they can’t create the interconnected netting needed to fully engage your prospects.

Does this sound like your marketing?
So the first step in developing your marketing ecosystem is allowing the disparate systems to start talking to each other, and in turn, feed into one another. For example – is the same John Davis that redeemed your direct mail offer also in your email campaigns? Have they taken an action on a different channel that warrants them being removed from another communication flow? These sorts of questions are proof that for better marketing ROI, the different animals in your marketing rainforest have to be interacting, facilitating interdependency, and connecting their disparate systems into one continuous flow.

Now this is certainly easier said than done, but the first action involves taking a step back, realizing the areas your customers are engaging with you in, and making an effort to connect all the dots. If your marketing animals of the rainforest are caged separately from one another, the ecosystem will fail. Once you’ve viewed your communication channels from the forest floor to the top of the canopy, and taken steps to understand that there are no missing links in the food chain, you will have a comprehensive marketing engine that shows true results and accurately gauges your ROI.