Believe it or not, I ran into two, count em, TWO “Zoltar” fortune telling machines over the weekend – which reminded me of the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks. In the movie, this fortune telling machine grants Tom Hanks the wish of being “Big” and gives him a glimpse into the future. If you only had a crystal ball to see the future of your mail tracking.

Technology today can actually provide a window into your mailings – your “Zoltar” to the future, if you will. Mail tracking grants you the clairvoyance to be proactive versus reactive.

For the Service Provider:
Mail tracking technology today can benefit the service provider by having the crystal ball to see that mail dates are in jeopardy and proactively adjust schedules based on the difficulties they face day to day.

For the Mail Owner:
We all know that there are issues that the service provider faces minute by minute. As the mail owner, mail tracking gives a glimpse into the crystal ball by allowing the ability to adjust on the fly to changes in delivery schedules. Mail tracking reports that are available 24/7 alert to potential service issues with an in-home date based on the service standards of the logistics providers and USPS delivery history.

For USPS Delivery:
USPS delivery issues are inherent to the industry. Having the real time delivery data that will provide mailers a vision to the USPS facility is futuristic at its core. When delivery changes resulting from mailing volume capacities, as well as weather and natural disasters occur, there won’t be any surprises – since you will know well ahead of any potential service failures. Mailers can then work with their service providers to adjust to the issues they face, and ensure campaigns are handled properly and efficiently.

For Business Reply Mailings:
Zoltar can also see business reply envelope (BRE) responses to know what’s coming back long before it hits the mailbox. For non-profits, it can mean the ability to predict total donations yet to arrive and for any organization projecting orders pending receipt.

Call center staff
Also imagine Zoltar and his crystal ball, looking into the future planning real-time dates that staff is needed for order fulfillment, call center, or donor support. With this reporting, you can project the actual dates to support your staffing and control cost.

Granted, the movie “Big” didn’t dabble too much into mail-tracking and Zoltar didn’t really focus on on-time mail delivery, but that’s not to say a little glimpse into the future of your mailings wouldn’t make a “BIG” difference in your profitability and customer satisfaction.