It’s seldom we get to announce genuinely good news about postage prices, so I’m thrilled to do so! In January 2014, the USPS implemented an “exigent” postage increase to recoup much of the losses they incurred during the “Great Recession” (The Post Office had increased the price of stamps by 3 cents to help it raise $4.6 billion in revenue). Well, here’s the good news, the USPS has rolled back those exigent increases, and postage rates across the board are decreasing by roughly 4.3%. Here are the highlights:

  • For the first time in 97 years, the price of a stamp will go down! The price will decrease from $0.49 to $0.47
  • Metered, First Class letters decrease from $0.485 to $0.465
  • Postcards decrease to $0.34 from the previous $0.35
  • Nonprofit rates, automation rates and flats all benefit from this overall 4.3% decrease
  • Packages are not “Market Dominant” products, and actually showed a slight increase in January. Packages are not impacted by this decrease

All of these rates go into effect on April 10, and there should not be any additional increases in 2016, since the CPI (rate of inflation, essentially) was so low this past year. So good news all around!
You can download our simplified, full rate sheet here.