Everything is quite busy right now with everyone getting ready for the Annual Election Period (AEP) for Medicare. But here are two studies to consider as they focus on two populations that can sign up any time of the year and not just during AEP – duals and Age-Ins. Here are some stats that Deft Research released for both.

For the duals study, both duals and non-dual seniors were polled to find out shopping and switching behavior during AEP to provide insight into this tough-to-find population and something to think about as you are working on your mail plans for this AEP.

The highlights of the Deft Research study on Dual-Eligible plan members Included:

  • Once a health plan has identified a dual, success in enrolling them is higher than non-duals
  • Duals more likely to switch plans or insurers during AEP (11%) vs. Non-Duals (9%)
  • Those of higher income were more active shoppers (51%)  with Partial Duals coming in 2nd (44%) followed by Low Income (42%) and Full Duals (41%)

The Age-In study focused on key differences between two different types of pre-Medicare Age-Ins

  • Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI)
  • Individual and Family Plans (IFP)

Age-In Highlights included:

  • Both populations read direct mail at the same rate (41%)
  • Both populations are seeing a delay in enrollment when turning 65 but ESI are at a much higher rate.

This makes sense as they have employer coverage, which offsets the premium costs, where IFPs more than likely are paying 100% of their monthly premiums and they are looking for the financial relief by enrolling in a Medicare plan).
Other results of the study:

  • 59% of ESI plan on delaying enrollment
  • 15% of IFP plan on delaying enrollment

Both audiences expressed uncertainty if they will stay with their current insurer when it comes time to move to Medicare products. 60% of those with ESI are unsure, whereas 24% of IFP members plan on enrolling in their current insurer’s Medicare offering.

For information on either one of these studies, please email info@deftresearch.com.